Frequently Asked Questions

A: Yes! And it will be a “true” smart home! Elite offers Smart-Home technology that enables various systems in the home to initiate action without the homeowner telling the system what to do—now that is a true Smart-Home!

A: Please call us. We will set up a FREE, NO OBLIGATION consultation to walk you through your options and costs in detail

A: We offer many options, at varying price ranges. Our products tend to be superior versus those offered by the mainstream Cable TV providers.

A: Our Control 4 remotes are state-of-the-art and can be programmed to eliminate the need for multiple remotes.

A: Yes! We are very experienced and do it all the time!

A: Elite sells, installs and services several high-quality systems that feature things like in-ground subwoofers, satellite speakers, etc.

Hello, I’m Case Jordan, the owner of Elite Access Automation. I’ve been involved in this field since I was a teenager, with decades of professional experience now under my belt​.

If you have a question about Automation, Networking, Audio/Video, Security or Access Controls for Home or Business… please call me! I’m here to help!